Option 20 | Trans Mongolian Classic Journey | East to West

From the cobblestones of the Forbidden City to the cobblestones of the Hermitage St Petersburg

The direction of this itinerary is Westward (East to West) Beijing TO St Petersburg. If you want Eastward (West to East) click here.
The itinerary detailed below uses the standard train and is for more independent travellers. If you require different levels of travel take one of the following links.

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  Using standard train Set Date Guided at each stop
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Departures (weekly independent):

Train No 23 - Chinese operation     Price - Costs and inclusions
07 Jun 2016 to 30 May 2019 Saturday  

06 Jun2017 to 29 May 2018
Note: This service is supposed to have new trains with what is described as a 'better services'.

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Train No 23 - Mongolian Operation      

There will be an additional #23 during summer season. The day of operation will be known some time in April

    Train Timetables
Train No3 - Chinese Train      
Until further notice every Wednesday   This train is not known to change its departure day.

For a number of years tickets the short journey, Beijing to Ulaan Baatar, have been possible on #3. The rail authorities have now cancelled this. All tickets are for long haul journeys. This was the system a few years back. Therefore the first station that can be booked is Krasnoyarsk in Russia. If you want #3 the method is now back to what is was before. You book to Krasnoyarsk and you get off at Ulan Bataar. The surcharge in 4 berth is US$222.


Itinerary (weekly independent):

Day 1 Own way to railway station. Train to Ulaan Baatar from Beijing.. Four berth. Departure times can change each year, or seasonaly. We can confirm the time when booking. Extra services for Beijing can be organised... Beijing Packages. Yes we can get a hotel near the train station.Currently train depart at 10:00.
Day 2 Arrive Ulaan Baatar and transfer to homestay for one night. Balance of day to explore Ulaan Baatar.
Day 3 Transfer to ger camp for two nights. Approx 70km out of the city. Time for 'Grassland Pursuits'. Alternative stopover options
Day 4 Grassland pursuits.
Day 5 Transfer back to Ulan Bataar homestay for one night.
Day 6 Day for further sightseeing. Transfer to station for train to Irkutsk. Four berth.
Train timetables between Irkutsk and Ulaan Baatar (both directions) have changed significantly from December 2017. There now no daily departures.

From Ulaan Baatar you now have
#305 MON/TUE/SAT dep at 15:22 local time
#5 THU all year dep at 15:31 local time.
Friday departures (Nov,2017 - May,2018, every 2nd week; Jun-Oct,2018, every week).
Therefore, depending upon the start date (=day) of the complete programme we may need to adjust your stopover period for Irkutsk and Lake Baikal.
Day 7 On board train. Russian border procedures. Info about the Train
Day 8 Arrive Irkutsk at about 0828 and transfer to Lake Baikal for two nights accommodation in local village. Our costs are based on using our chalet/lodge accommodation. If you prefer a dedicated homestay please request - no change to cost. If our chalet was full you would be accommodated with a homestay. Details about Lystvyanka accommodation and sightseeing.
Day 9 Lake Baikal village.  Alternative packages to add if you want.
Day 10 Transfer back to Irkutsk for one night homestay.
Day 11 Transfer to rail station for train (Odd Dates) to Moscow departing at. Four berth.
Day 12 On board train. Bring out that large novel, or travel chess set!
Day 13 On board train.
Day 14 Arrive Moscow. Meet and transfer to accommodation for three nights. Choice of homestay, hostel or budget hotel. Three hour introductory walking tour.
Day 15 Moscow Optional sightseeing Moscow Metro and Railways
Day 16 Moscow sightseeing.
Day 17 Own way to Leningradsky railway station. Depart Moscow late on the overnight sleeper train to St Petersburg. We can vary this and use the daytime fast train thus adding another nights accommodation.
Day 18 Arrive St Petersburg (Moscowsky station) at 0700. Transfer from station to accommodation for three nights. Choice of homestay, hostel or budget hotel. Three hour introductory walking tour. Four berth.
Day 19 St Petersburg  Optional sightseeing.
Day 20 St Petersburg sightseeing.
Day 21 End of arrangements.

NOTES: There may be some variation due to train arrival or departure times and the date (odd or even). The content remains the same, but the order in which services are provided may vary. Additional, or less nights may be required to meet changed train schedules.
Free allowance for rail baggage is 35kg per person. For over-weight baggage you need to check these items at the Luggage Checkin Center of Beijing Railway
Station on the morning of the day prior to departure date.

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