Ekaterinburg Sightseeing and Accommodation

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Hi Marie

Thanks!  Omg we are having a fantastic time & everything you have arranged has been perfect!
In Yekaterinburg & the hotel is really great! 

Christo & Sandi 

We have included sightseeing which, to accomplish in the time, you need to be with a guide/driver. If you decide to stay longer at Ekaterinburg there are several other great options to consider and the links above will show you details. Ekateringburg is a summer, or winter stopover destination.




Ekaterinburg Sightseeing

Included in the tour cost is the: “Romanov’s Monastery” & “Europe-Asia” combination trip.
These sites are quite a distance out of Ekateringburg and the only way to ensure you visit both, in a short time frame, is via this type of tour programme. The tour duration is 5 hours.

Firstly the tour goes to the Monastery of Romanovs to the North-West, then you travel 20km to the West (20 km drive one way) to expereince, The Obelisk “Europe&Asia” - geographic border between the continents of Asia and Europe. On route to this boder obelisk you will stop at the recently errected 'Memorial to the Victims of the Gulags'. Ekaterinburg was a main assembly and transit point during the Stalinist purges. Only recently has this been aknowledged in the from of a public memorial. As with some other significant 'geographic points' (Equator) there is a a ceruticate ceremony with sparkiling wine. Or, if your guide has happened to have been in the countryside prior to your tour you might get to sample some 'village hooch'. To this writers palate much more enjoyable than sparkling wine!

The Monastery dedicated to the Romanov’s Tsar family. Situated at the the place where the bolsheviks tried to hide the Romanov’s corpses in a secret grave.
Now it is well-known Russian Orthodox pilgrimage site (Holy grave area & seven nice churches made of wood according to Russian Orthodox tradition).

Central City Sights

Option 1
There are 2 ways to cover the central sights. The frist method is to 'self guide' using the nwe 'Red Line Ekateringburg'. this whole project was devised by our local guide coordinator and fixer. He worked with local government and after surveying the city inhabitanst for suggestions implemented the route and painted a red line on the footpath that you can follow. You will be given a copy of the map which has English name translations for the sites. If you want expanded deatils about each site you will still need a general guide book with you.

Option 2
The 2nd way is to use (at extra cost) guided sightseeing for central Ekateringburg

On this tour our guide will lead you through central streets and the historical centre of the city. You will see statues of Ekaterinburg’s founders and then the communist leaders. The guide will add many local stories, legends and jokes, related to the various sites.

At the 1905 Revolution square you will view all the history of the city on the ancient pictures shown by our guide. There will be an opportunity to visit the famous Church of Spilled Blood at the Romanovs’ Death Site and the Chapel of St. Elizabeth. You can take in the beautiful views of Ekaterinburg and the City Pond from an embankment and from the Hill of Ascension. The sorrowful Afghanistan memorial at the Square of Red Army, gorgeous villas ralted to the Ural“gold merchants” of 19th century will also be included. In addition, there are many monumental buildings in “Stalin’s neoclassicism” style are to survey as well. The tour also includes a visit to one of the local museums.

During the winter season - 15 October to 15 March - this will take approximately 2.5 hours (2 hours by car + 30 min in museum).
During the summer season - 16 MArch to 14 October - 3 hours (2.5 hours by walking + 30 min in museum).

It will all come down to time and how your arrival and deparure train times actually work out. If time is short then using the guided central city option is better use of time.


All over Russia you find fabulous musuems and galleries. Ekateringburg has its own 'Fine Arts Museum' and contained within is a remarkable section dedicated to Wrought Iron works (Cast Iron) . In times gone by Russia and in particualr, Ekaterinburg had some of the best examples of this manufacturing skill.

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