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accommodation at Lystvyanka

Chalet/Lodge accommodation at Bolshie Koty village    




When we started our independent Trans Siberian programmes the first village on the shores of Lake Baikal to offer accommodation was Lystvyanka. It was and still is, the easiet to get to from Irkutsk as well as being the cheapest lake village option.

Over the years, with the growing number of tourists, both Russian and foreign, the village has changed. It more of a 'town' now. This change has benefits as well as downsides.

Benefits include;

  • More accommodation options
  • better dining possibilities and public facilities
  • Limnological Institute of the Russian Academy of Sciences. The institute has a small, but very interesting, museum about the flora and fauna of Baikal and its region.

Downside? Well, for those that are looking for that 'fairy tale Siberian lakeside village', Lystvyanaka has moved on from that concept due to inevitable progress. If you take a side road off the main lakeshore road and head up into one of the small valleys you can see a bit of that rural village concept many desire.

Lystvyanka is still a viable stopover option but, if you want to have more of a rustic village stay you should consider one of our alternative options. As stated above Lystvyanka is still the cheapest option so if money is 'number 1' stick with this option. During the winter season one of our alternatives cannot be used. Lystvyanka has many more options during winter because the lake freezes - you have skating, ice fishing and hovercraft excursions, huskie sledding and more.


'New' aspects along the lake shore road.
Take a side road, walk a bit and things change
And yes, those 'Cute' Siberian windows!

Lysvyanka Market
The famous 'smoked Omul fish from the lake
Winter time promenade

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