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The Krasnoyarsk Territory is rich is forest in minerals. Its capital, Krasnoyarsk, is a major industrial centre, but with a few hidden attractions within. Originally a gold town, the city is nestled in the hills on the Yenisey River, and is the hometown of the Siberian Dance Ensemble.

Weird History: Every place has one of those more unusaul connections to worlds history.
A mass of about 700 kg was detected in 1749 about 145 miles south of Krasnoyarsk. It was seen by P.S. Pallas in 1772 and then on his orders transported to Saint Petersburg. Krasnojarsk was the first pallasite meteorite ever found and studied and lead to the creation of the Pallasite group named after Pallas. It was also the first meteorite ever etched with acid (by G. Thomson) and therefore was the first one to show to human eyes the Widmanstätten pattern.
The main mass of 515 kg is now in Moscow at the Academy of Sciences.


Winter excursion tour "Snow jewels of Sayan"

Tour program

This winter tour passes through the south of the Krasnoyarsk and Khakassia regions. The area has a range of stunning natural attributes which attract travelers from all over the world: bizarre rock "Pillars"; Siberian taiga; the white peaks and ridges of the Western Sayan; remote old winter hunting villages; taiga cuisine and dazzling snow outlooks.

Tour in brief:

Duration: 8 days/ 7 nights
Regions: Krasnoyarsk Region, Khakassia Republic
Cities and towns: Krasnoyarsk, Minusinsk, Abaza
Traveling by bus: 650 km
Traveling by rail: 1200 km
Walking: not more then 15-20 km
Numbers in a group: min 6, max 12
Age limit: children not younger than 7 years old

Walking details: Walking is easy, along wide paths and in the safe area. Light physical efforts, possible temperature and altitude changes. Does not require any special physical training.

Day 1 (LD)
Upon arrival at Krasnoyarsk airport or railway station the group will be transferred to the hotel. Accommodation in the “Takmak” Spa-hotel, rest

13.00 Meeting with your guide in the hotel hall, departure to a city restaurant, lunch. After lunch start a city sightseeing tour visiting the Krasnoyarsk Regional museum or Krasnoyarsk Surikov museum, souvenir shops.

During this excursion you will visit the most interesting places in the city: Mira square with the view of Enisey, the monument to Andrew Dubenskoy and the Karaulnaya hill, where the city is spread before your eyes. You will also visit the Praskovya Pyatnitskaya chapel and the old city itself. If you visit during the New Year period you can visit the Krasnoyarsk Christmas tree - the tallest one in Russia. Its height is 46 meters, and weight - 35 tons.

19.00 Return to the hotel, dinner. Time for a visit to the banya (sauna).

Day 2 (BD)
Breakfast, free morning.
12.00 Meeting with the guide, an excursion to the nature reserve of "Stolby."

This is considered the heart of the city, its lungs and its soul. The shape of each rock is so unique, that almost all rocks have their own names - Grandfather, First Pole, Pillars, Takmak, Slonic, Pervenets, Predplechye, Lion's Gate, Kapella, Manskaya Baba, Grify, Krepost etc. The area of Stolby is almost 1,500 hectares. After a pleasant walk in the central group of rocks,with an experienced guide (3 km) you will have a rest in a log hut before a gentle downhill walk of 5km.

18.00 By car you return to the hotel for dinner and one of those addictive banya’s!

Day 3 (BLD)
After breakfast transfer to the winter fun-park “Bobroviy log”. You can choose to experience a range of winter activities, or watch others. It can be anything from mountain-skiing, snowboarding to ice skating and many other attractions. From there we take a cable car to a viewing area where the whole city and nature reserve can bee seen in its winter coat.

You can make your own way back from the park to the hotel at any time, or wait for the preset time of the included return transfer. Balance of day free until an early dinner in the hotel.

19:00 Check-out, transfer to the train station

21:00 Departure to Minusinsk by train № 658. * Accommodation in the train.

Day 4 (BLD)
Breakfast on the train. 10.20am arrival in Minusinsk, where you will be taken to visit Martjanov’s Museum of Regional studies. During the excursion you will also see Spas, the cathedral, market, old merchants’ houses and walk amongst the city-centre. Lunch in a restaurant. You then leave the town to a ‘Taiga Camp’. This is known as "Snow Leopard" – and is a cosy ‘camp’ of wooden cabins, situated in coniferous forest, surrounded by the West Sayan Mountains. You will be situated in the heart of Siberian taiga along the banks of the mountain river ‘Stoctysh’. 1250 meters above sea-level. Accommodation, free time and of course – banya!

Day 5 (BLD)
After breakfast there is a stroll in the taiga to a hunter’s hut (1 km, 2 hours). During this excursion you will learn many interesting things about the life of traditional taiga hunters. After lunch you have time for horse and sledge racing and skiing (extra cost). Dinner.

*Accommodation in “Snow Leopard” camp. Breakfast, lunch, dinner.

Day 6 (BLD)
After breakfast you will taken through the taiga to another mountain river called, ‘Bolshoy On’ (2km). Wildlife photography from the "Bridge of love". The bridge crosses the river which flows through the taiga forest producing many rapids. There is a local tradition in which a lover, if he wants to prove his love, has to carry in one's arms his beloved lady, over this bridge. After lunch there is a choice of activities such as an excursion to a cave 900 meters long with underground rivers, tunnels and halls. Or you can go on a nature hike observing the local animal and plant world. Included in this walk are the natural ‘salt licks’, where you can find the footprints of wild animals (squirrel, deer, sable, wood-goose, partridge, etc) (1 km). Return to cabin camp for dinner.

Day 7 (BLD)
After breakfast - bid farewell to the "Snow Leopard" cabins and taiga. You travel to the Sayan pass, at a height of 2206 meters this is the border between Tuva and Khakassia. On the route to Abakan you will make a stop at a Khakassian village where there is a monument known as a  ‘Khurtuyakh tas’. This is where indigenous women bring gifts if they wish to have a baby. Lunch today is a (lunch-box). Sightseeing excursion in Abakan. Dinner in a restaurant.

21.00 Train №124 Abakan-Krasnoyarsk. Accommodation on the train.

Day 8
06.00 Met in Krasnoyarsk, transfer to the airport (flights to Moscow are about 1100am), train station (onward journeys), or additional accommodation.

Departure dates are in January, February and March

Photo Gallery

Local Snow Park
Christmas tree
Taiga River
Stone Pilalrs Krasnoyarsk
Snow Leopard Cabins
Snow Leopard Cabins
Interior Snow Leopard
Siberian Child
Winter Forest
Winter Taiga